To the person reading this (whoever you may be) you stumbling onto my blog automatically makes you cool... like so cool that even Barak Obama wants to hang out with you!! Enjoy xx p.s I don't know what sort of blog it's supposed to be... it's MOSTLY harry potter but i'm not to sure
A story with gifs I don’t own because I am lazy and so fucking random and weird okay? okay

Mornings With Sammy

So Sammy woke up this morning

Not like that

That’s more like it.

Anyways so Sammy woke up and looked outside her Window because it was so sunny at 9:00am. 

And then she was getting ready to go shopping with her friend because it was shopping day!! YAY!! *note the sarcasm

In her friend’s eyes Sammy was like..

But she was like:

And so her friend stormed off like

And Sammy turned around and said

Her friend turned around and decided to do this

And so Sammy said this

Which then resulted with this

No it was more like this…

or maybe this..

Well you see this kinda then turned into this

Yeah… it turned into her friend pointing a gun

And Sammy’s reaction was like..

And her friend got mad so she looked like…

Which left Sammy like…

And her friend like 

before doing this..

And Sammy like this

Until her friend’s boyfriend comes and so her friend does this

Leaving Sammy like

And the happy couple like

And leaving Sammy like….

And like…

As well as…


Because Sammy thought the gesture was really cute and sweet to the point where she wanted a boyfriend but knew she would be 

just like that. It was like they were perfect for each other.

… yup. Definitely perfect for each other.

So in the end Sammy and her friend don’t end up going shopping which I guess for Sammy is a good thing.

A very good thing.

The End

Thanks for reading my gif story. Hope you were entertained :)

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